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Hodge theoretic aspects of mirror symmetry

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Workshop at Johannes-Gutenberg-Universität Mainz, March 29-31, 2012

Mirror symmetry has been linked to Hodge theory already from its early days on. More recently, progress has been made towards bringing together homological mirror symmetry and Hodge theory. The intention is to associate a Hodge structure to a category, i.e. to the relevant categories on the B-model (complex geometry) and A-model (symplectic geometry) of mirror symmetry partners. Generalized Hodge structures, so called wild or non-commutative Hodge structures, arise naturally on the A-model side of mirror symmetry as well as on Landau-Ginzburg models. Applying the Fourier-Laplace transform to a polarized variation of Hodge structure will typically also yield a non-commutative Hodge structure. We bring together world experts in the field, study recent developments and discuss perspectives for further research.


Lecture series speakers:

  • Claude Sabbah (Paris)

  • Tony Pantev (Philadelphia)
  • Hiroshi Iritani (Kyoto)


Further speakers:

  • Ludmil Katzarkov (Vienna/Miami)

  • Sergey Galkin (Tokyo)

Registered Participants

Ben-Bassat, Oren (Haifa)

Brav, Chris (Oxford)

Chan, Kwokwai (CU Hong Kong)

Chen, Ke (JGU Mainz)

Dang, Tuan-Hiep (Bari)

Deliu, Dragos (Vienna)

Durand, Philippe (CNAM)

Engenhorst, Magnus (Freiburg)

Favero, David (Vienna)

Gelb, Robert (Augsburg)

Heizinger, Hedwig (Augsburg)

Isik, Mehmet (Vienna)

Kapustka, Michal (Vienna)

Kapustka, Grzegorz (Vienna)

Karwasz, Piotr P. (Gdansk)

Knapp, Johanna (IPMU Kashiwa, Japan)

Lahoz Vilalta, Marti (Bonn)

Meinhardt, Sven (Bonn)

Minabe, Satoshi (Tokyo)

Mohajer, Abolfazl (JGU Mainz)

Pandit, Pranav (Wien)

Perling, Markus (Bochum)

Przyjalkowski, Victor (Moscow)

Reichelt, Thomas (ENS, Paris)

Scheidegger, Emanuel (Freiburg)

Smirnov, Maxim (Bonn)

Sutherland, Tom (Oxford)

Ufer, Dominik (Frankfurt)

Yu, Jeng-Daw (Taiwan)

Yu, Yue (ENS Paris)

Yukiko, Konishi (Kyoto)

Zapf, Stephanie (Augsburg)

Zowislok, Markus (Bielefeld)



Tentative schedule

Thursday 3/29

Friday 3/30

Saturday 3/31

Sabbah I
Katzarkov Sabbah II
Sabbah III
Iritani I
Iritani II
Iritani III
Lunch break
Lunch break
Pantev III
Pantev I
Pantev II





Course notes: 

Claude Sabbah: Non-commutative Hodge structures

Hiroshi Iritani: Iritani I, Iritani I, Iritani I,

Tony Pantev: Pantev I, Pantev II, Pantev III,

Ludmil Katzarkov: Katzarkov

Sergey Galkin: Galkin



The lectures will be in the Room 05-514 (fifth floor) in the Mathematics Department of the JGU Mainz.

Tea & coffee will be served in the Hilbertraum Rm 05-432.


  • Airport to Hotel: The closest airport is Frankfurt am Main Airport (FRA). After baggage claim and currency exchange or money withdrawal, go to the regional train station labelled "Frankfurt/Flughafen Regionalbahnhof". From there, take either the "S-Bahn" S-8 or a regional train (named "RB" or "RE") passing through Mainz (i.e. westbound). A ticket from Frankfurt/Flughafen to Mainz Hauptbahnhof costs about 4 EUR.

  • Hotel to Workshop: The university is a 6 minute bus ride from the hotel. At the bus station in front of the main train station, please take a bus which goes to Friedrich-von-Pfeiffer-Weg (look at the map at the bus stop to see the variety of buses to choose from). Make sure the bus leaves in the right direction which is towards and over the bridge that leads over the train tracks. A single ticket is 2,40 EUR. After getting off at Friedrich-von-Pfeiffer-Weg, walk over the bridge across the high way and follow the red marked path below. It is about a 10min walk:

Accommodation: We have reserved a block of rooms at the Cityhotel Neubrunnenhof close to the main train station in Mainz. You will be able to book these rooms at a special rate through the University of Mainz. Do not contact the hotel directly. Reservations will be made by Jutta Gonska according to your specifications upon registration. Please note that the number of rooms is limited.

As an alternative, you may choose the Hotel Königshof which is located right accross the entrance to the main train station and provides free internet. This hotel also offers special rates for participants of the University of Mainz. Please contact the hotel directly if you would like to be accomodated there.

Registration is possible until February 29, 2012.

Organizers: Helge Ruddat (ruddat@uni-mainz.de), Stefan Müller-Stach, Duco van Straten